RESOURCES MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABILITY (SR) FOUNDATION or 3R Foundation officially established on August 27, 2012 underthe advisory of Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul of Chaipattana Foundation. The aims of 3R Foundation were to promote environmental conservation through theconcepts of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The 3RF receive its starting grant given by the venerable Abbot Phra Dhramabundit ofRama lX Temple and ThaiNamthip Company Limited to establish “Resources Management forSustainability (3R) Foundation".



To be the organization in promoting sustainable resources management under 3R concept which focuses on the engagement and participation of all sectors.



1. Promoting the concept of circular economy through product design and innovation development to reduce waste and increase the recycling rate in Thailand .

2. Promoting and coordinating with relevant agencies including government, private, public and academic institutes sectors to promote effectively waste separation and waste managementaiming on resources recycling for maximum effectiveness.

3. Supporting and organizing activities to enhance knowledge and skills together with raising awareness on sustainable resources management.



1. Encouraging to provide knowledge and understanding in 3R concept as well as strengthening.
in 3R concept (reduce,reuse,and recycle) activities for all sectors.

2. Setting up and improving networks collaboration which widely leads to connect and build
networks of people with mutual goals base on sustainable resources management under the3R concept.

3. Being the center of business matching between users and innovators in relation to the
principle of sustainable resources management.

4. Being the center of collaborating between government, private, and public sectors to push
policies and develop legislations that encourage sustainable resources management.

5. Organizing the training services,seminars to all sectors to strengthen the capacity of
sustainable resources management.

6. Conducting activities to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.

7. All activities are conducted without the influence and promotion of politics.


Highlight Activities:

–A partner in Memorandum Of Understanding Beverage Packaging Recycling in Thailand

–A partner in Memorandum Of Understanding with China Productivity Center (CPC) for exchange and cooperation for the purpose of contributing to the resources management development in Thailand, and other countries in Asia and Pacific region.

–A partner in PRO-Thailand’s Post-Consumer Packaging Materials Collection Pilot Project

–Waste management & water supply in Sustainability Project on Li-Peh Island, Thailand

–Communication of 3RF e.g. 3R Found Podcast, 3R Foundation Facebook